Day 8 -- Flagstaff AZ to Holbrook AZ -- Interstate

Day 8 -- Flagstaff AZ to Holbrook AZ -- Interstate

My day started by going to the camping store with Steve. I picked up a new high quality tiny single person tent and some sleeping pants for cold nights.

After that I hit the road. By the time I got out of the neighborhood and on to the main route it was almost 10:00. I ended up taking I 40 all day today. I actually had a route through the reservation to the North all picked out last night, but my unfamiliarity with the area and worries about water stop frequency and cell service for emergencies scared me into staying on the main road.

Most of the ride was downhill, and I lost a lot of elevation, but it was still a hard day of riding. Several people told me that the prevailing winds are from the west, and I hoped today would not be an exception, but it sure was. The wind howled right in my face the whole time. I think I must be getting used to that though because my average speed was at 23.4 km/h, and the wind didn't ruin my mood as it sometimes had.

I stopped for lunch at a Mexican restaurant in Winslow AZ, and then pounded out the final two hours to Holbrook. When I got into town I stopped at the Safeway and bought bagels, cheese, and lunch meat. That was dinner tonight, and will be lunch tomorrow as I make the uphill hopefully-wind-at-back haul into Gallup NM.

Today's distance: 150 km
Trip odometer: 1032 km

Joshy Orndorff Sat, 05/11/2013 - 23:33