Day 15 -- Vega TX to Amarillo TX -- Goodbye interstate

Day 15 -- Vega TX to Amarillo TX -- Goodbye interstate

I'll have to apologize in advance that I don't have many pictures today. Because yesterday was so long today became very short.

I allowed myself to sleep in until after 8:00 to make up for the long ride yesterday and the time change. When I finally got up I walked into dairy queen for breakfast. The lady seemed shocked to see me, and then told me they were closed for another hour. I guess they forgot to lock the door the night before. Instead I went to the cafe and had sausage gravy. The girl working there filled my bottles with ice water and told me where I expect water stops on today's ride. I finally hit the road just after 10:00.

The ride was short enough that I didn't even need to stop for water before I made it to Amarillo.

Less than two hours after I left I pulled up to the bike shop in Amarillo to get some routine maintenance and ended up getting a new chain too. From there I went to Walmart to get sandwich material for one last try. That ride was a pain. Unlike some other big cities oh the trip, Amarillo is not very bike friendly, and I had to fight with traffic and drivers the whole time.

Next I called the campground I had planned to stay at to confirm they had vacancy and I found out the price was nearly $30. After considering a hotel instead and calling around a bit I found another campground for half the price with a pool.

It is still super windy, but the wind is forecast to be from the southwest tomorrow which means it will be at my back. I hope that works out. It was at my side today which was fine especially for a short ride, but it would be great to catch another free ride tomorrow.

Today's distance (including riding around the city): 73 km
Average speed: 25 km/h (After the ride to Amarillo it was 30 km/h, but riding the city brought it down)
Trip odometer: 1913 km

Joshy Orndorff Sat, 05/18/2013 - 19:30