Wrapping up and thanks

Wrapping up and thanks

After savoring the feeling of standing in the Atlantic. Maggie and I picked up a bike box from a local shop and checked into our hotel in downtown Boston. We spent the evening packing up my bike for the train ride back to Ohio, and generally enjoying the feeling of completion. She treated me to a celebration dinner at a Japanese hot pot restaurant and after hanging around for a while got dessert and calculated some data about the trip (shared in the next post).

The next morning we got breakfast and carried my bike to the train station. It was the end of an amazing experience.

I want to thank everyone who helped out along the way on this trip in ways large or small including all the people on this list and anyone else who I may have forgotten to mention.

My parents
Maggie Nguyen
Amanda Mitchell and her parents
Anna Wu
Charlotte Sandy
Linda and Kevin Nitschke
Bonita Chavez
Kevin Hardegree-Ullman
The entire Mogk family
Paige and Steve Hannah
Phil and Jessi Mickelson
The worker at Stuckey's who suggested a campground
Kay and everyone else I chatted with in Higgins
The owners and mechanic at District Bicycles
Jean and Tom Thornbrough
The owners and campers at Gasconade hills resort
The owners at Ladybug RV park
The camp hosts at Robertsville state park
Sarah Dugan
Lynn Marsh
Chad Jaggard
Roger Bear
Wes Robinson, and everyone I met in Indianapolis
Jason Roland and Emily
David Dornbos and Jesi Hale
Aaron Goodman
Michelle Tomczyk
Pilang Thach and her roommates
Reuben Bushnell and his friends and roommates
The guy who offered to drive me to a bike shop in the next town
The owner of Paradise campground resort
Ray, the owner of Wildnerness lake Campground
Annika and Mike Bangma
And everyone who encouraged me and commented on this journal, and sent me supportive messages along the way.

Joshy Orndorff Mon, 06/17/2013 - 20:38