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Back from Korea 0 16 Dec 2018

Made it back from Korea. Now to get back on a schedule.

Rholang 151 0 14 Dec 2018

Rounded out the rholang workshop with 151! https://youtu.be/CRRUFmo0NKc

Made it to Korea 0 08 Dec 2018

Made it to Seoul. Heading out to the country today.

Day 5 0 05 Dec 2018

Yay, I solved AOC day 5 before going to sleep!

Javascript Tuples 0 03 Dec 2018

Today I learned: Javascript doesn't have tuples.

First Haskell AOC 0 01 Dec 2018

Solved the first advent of code 2018 problem. First time I've ever solved one in haskell. In the morning I'll give it a go in rholang.

Back in the flow 0 26 Nov 2018

Back in the flow of a work week after break.

Two Wonderful Thanksgivings 0 24 Nov 2018

Had two very happy thanksgivings this year. Lots to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgivings 0 23 Nov 2018

Happy Thanksgivings!

Crypto winter 0 19 Nov 2018

Crypto market is a blood bath. XRP up to number 2 spot. This is the first time I've felt like a real hodler. (and user to the extent practical)

dist-upgrade 0 14 Nov 2018

In the middle of a dist-upgrade. Could get shiny new features, or an unbootable system. Hard to tell. A programmer's roulette wheel.

Encrypsulation 0 13 Nov 2018

Pretty excited about my idea for secure secret exchange. I call it encrypsulation.

Shower Drain 0 09 Nov 2018

Shower drain is finally unclogged! Hooray!

Parents' weekend 0 04 Nov 2018

Had a fun weekend with Julie's and my parents.

Circuit Workouts 0 30 Oct 2018

Circuit Workouts are killing me. I hope I'm getting in shape!

Coding fun 0 29 Oct 2018

Did some fun coding today! Looking forward to getting back into bitstory.

Hitting the fan 0 25 Oct 2018

Man, it's really hitting the fan at the coop. I really hope that the good ideas live through the bad business decisions and ensuing distrust. I'll do my best anyway.

Not to do 0 22 Oct 2018

That liberating feeling of crossing something off your todo list because the deadline is long since past and you finally admit that you're just never gonna get to it.

#100 0 19 Oct 2018

Today could be the last day that RHOC is in the top 100.

Email 0 16 Oct 2018

Didn't check my email until 4:00 today. Haven't gotten so much done in a long time.

First Workout 0 13 Oct 2018

Had my first workout with my trainer today. Hamstrings are soooo sore.

Food Poisoning 0 12 Oct 2018

Food poisoning is the worst. Sooooo much puking.

SFBW 0 09 Oct 2018

Having a great time at San Francisco Blockchain Week!

San Francisco Blockchain Week 0 04 Oct 2018

Getting excited about blockchain week.

Twins 0 02 Oct 2018

Happy birthday Lillian and Rayrod!

Spectrum Privacy 0 01 Oct 2018

Spectrum cable requires customers to agree to a privacy policy before using their service. But they do not allow users to read said privacy policy before agreeing. Oh well, we all know those documents don't mean anything anyway.

Gitcoin 0 29 Sep 2018

Just funded my first gitcoin bounty. Hope someone takes it. https://gitcoin.co/issue/JoshOrndorff/BitStory/1/1298

Too much beer 0 25 Sep 2018

#RookieMistake in rholang

Keys day 0 24 Sep 2018

Got the keys to my new place today.

Mints and Tokens 0 22 Sep 2018

Gonna dig into mint and purse based tokens today. http://www.erights.org/elib/capability/ode/ode-capabilities.html

Indians Game 0 21 Sep 2018

Got two free innings at the Indians game with Dad.

So if you factor that in with the first nine, which were also free, it comes out to a pretty good night.

compund 0 17 Sep 2018

Turns out my typing habits make it hard for me to type the word compound. It always comes out as compund because I use my ring finger for both p and o.

South Jersey Shootout 0 15 Sep 2018

South Jersey Shootout is an awesome meet. Glad I got to see the team.

No Check Engine light 0 13 Sep 2018

My check engine light is off for the first time in years!!

Graphvis 0 12 Sep 2018

Spent a lot of time learning graphvis today. It's finally starting to pay off.

Fall is here 0 09 Sep 2018

Wow, it suddenly feels like fall is here. I guess I better get to a cross-country meet.

Survived RCon3 0 07 Sep 2018

RCon3 was an exciting tiring super fun whirlwind. Time to recover for a day and then get back to work.

RCon3 underway 0 04 Sep 2018

RCon3 is in full swing. Confident we can get a testnet working today

Schnitzel 0 02 Sep 2018

Had my first ever schnitzel today. And home-made no less. Delicious!

Travel to Berlin 0 01 Sep 2018

Starting my first of four legs to Berlin. Hope it all works out.

Beach house 0 30 Aug 2018

Going to see Julie's beach house before RCon3.

Pattern Matching 0 28 Aug 2018

Programming lesson #1: pattern matching is not the same as switch case.

Dapps 0 27 Aug 2018

Can't stop thinking about Dapps.

So much RNode 0 25 Aug 2018

I'm spending sooooo much time with the RNode software.

Rholang progress 0 23 Aug 2018

Making some real good progress writing rholang docs today! Especially with Julie's illustrations.

Mailvelope 0 22 Aug 2018

Mailvelope extension looks cool! PGP for webmail!

Linguine 0 21 Aug 2018

Making shrimp linguine for dinner. Can't wait!

Electron 0 19 Aug 2018

Finally started learning electron js. I like being a programmer!

Europe Trip 0 17 Aug 2018

Had an awesome Euro trip with Julie <3

Sore Butt 0 16 Aug 2018

Took my first bike ride since the attempted Alaska trip. My butt is so sore!

Happy Birthday Mom 0 14 Aug 2018

Happy Birthday Momma!

Food tour 0 08 Aug 2018

Food tour was soo great! Gonna go find our own breakfast tour now :)

First Blog 0 06 Aug 2018

Got my first rchain blog published. https://blog.rchain.coop/start_coding_in_rholang/

Goodbye bearcave 0 05 Aug 2018

Saying goodbye to the bear cave felt much more permanent this year. I guess it was. I had a great run at CTY

Carbon Cub 0 02 Aug 2018

First flights with the Carbon Cub were successful.

Wings 0 02 Aug 2018

I thought I used to eat like 16 or 18 wings for dinner. Twelve was all I took tonight.

Independance Day 0 31 Jul 2018

Happy Independence day Bitcoin Cash!

Inbox empty 0 31 Jul 2018

Woah, my inbox just hit empty! Party time! It's been months.

RCon3 0 30 Jul 2018

I've officially registered for RCon3. It's happening!

Night work 0 29 Jul 2018

Night is definitely the right time for me to get real work done.

Zoom time 0 27 Jul 2018

Been spending a lot of time on zoom. Might just find a quiet room to bang out some work.

Congrats Alina 0 27 Jul 2018

Congratulations on graduating, Alina!

Is this work? 0 25 Jul 2018

It's weird that going into work means doing the stuff I would have been doing anyway.

DNR Year 0 23 Jul 2018

This was my DNR year. I've officially completed the CTY lifecycle.

Julie's website 0 21 Jul 2018

Since I'm slacking off posting, maybe you'll like Julie's Europe blog

Second Session 0 19 Jul 2018

Second Session is really shaping up!

New session, New Joshy 0 15 Jul 2018

Actually played volleyball today. New session, new Joshy!

CODE Crossover 0 12 Jul 2018

Awesome crossover class with Cryptography!

Word processor 0 10 Jul 2018

Using a web-based word processor is weird because the server kinda gets to see the way you think as you draft and revise.

Julie Weekend 0 08 Jul 2018

Had an awesome weekend with Julie. She got the full CTY experience.

Caught Up 0 03 Jul 2018

Starting to feel caught up on rchain stuff.

Forgotten 0 02 Jul 2018

Thought if a great daily thought earlier. It was so good I knew I wouldn't forget it. But I did. Should have known!

Sharpie tattoo 0 01 Jul 2018

Sharpie tattoos aren't as permanent as one might expect.

Floss 0 26 Jun 2018

I wish floss came in clear cases so you could see it before buying.

Study Time 0 23 Jun 2018

Getting back in the flow of CTY. Setting good precedent by finding study time tonight.

Devices : People 0 20 Jun 2018

It used to be many people to one computer device (They were called mainframes). Now it's many devices per person.

CTY week 0 19 Jun 2018

It's finally cty week! Can't wait to get there!

Switch Browsers 0 15 Jun 2018

I'm actually considering switching web browsers for the first time since 2003.

Pretty Printing 0 15 Jun 2018

Hilarious quote from the Code Prettify readme.

"Prettifying obfuscated code is like putting lipstick on a pig — i.e. outside the scope of this tool."

Last Programming Assignment 0 12 Jun 2018

Finished the last programming assignment for Dan Boneh's Crypto 1 class. The end is near!

The Circle 0 11 Jun 2018

Movie Recommendation: The Circle

Illustrations 0 08 Jun 2018

Getting some awesome illustrations for my upcoming rholang tutorial.

Github 0 04 Jun 2018

OMG, Microsoft is buying github. I don't think I have the energy to extract all my data again. Let's get this infrastructure on rchain fast.

Mustang 0 03 Jun 2018

The mustang is starting to look airworthy! Working ailerons will make it actually be airworthy.

Confused Deputy Problem 0 01 Jun 2018

Tired of my information security posts? Perhaps Barney Fife is more your style?

Check out the Confused Deputy Problem.

Waterproof devices 0 31 May 2018

It's actually kind of amazing that phones aren't al reasonably waterproof. People know it rains like 20% of the time right?

Individual Authentication 0 29 May 2018

A Picturebook of Secure Cooperation on authentication:

Ask not, “who are you?”, but rather, “are you allowed?”. This was always the crucial question anyway; by asking this better question, we get a better answer.

Party weekend 0 28 May 2018

Had an awesome party weekend in Ohio.

Rholang 0 23 May 2018

Actually ran some rholang code today!

Console Style 0 22 May 2018

Today I learned that you can style JS console output. (link)

Dapp Developing 0 21 May 2018

Starting to develop some real Dapps.

School of rock 0 20 May 2018

School of rock on broadway is awesome!

Blockchain school 0 17 May 2018

Coming up with an idea for a blockchain-based education platform.

Back to Philly 0 15 May 2018

Made it back to Philly.

Happy Birthday and Mothers' Day 0 13 May 2018

Happy Birthday Sarah and Mothers' Day Mom

RotaryTalk 0 09 May 2018

Rotary talk, What is Cryptocurrency, went well. (video, slides)

Cuban pork sandwiches 0 08 May 2018

Mmmmmmm Cuban pork sandwiches.

philly bars 0 07 May 2018

Had a great time exploring Philly bars with Julie!

All sides 0 02 May 2018

Remember to hear all sides of the story. I had a fun read through r/Bitcoin and r/EthereumClassic (places I rarely visit)

Closes at 5!? 0 30 Apr 2018

Libraries and coffee shops close at 5:00!? When do people get shit done?