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Mints and Tokens 0 22 Sep 2018

Gonna dig into mint and purse based tokens today. http://www.erights.org/elib/capability/ode/ode-capabilities.html

Indians Game 0 21 Sep 2018

Got two free innings at the Indians game with Dad.

So if you factor that in with the first nine, which were also free, it comes out to a pretty good night.

compund 0 17 Sep 2018

Turns out my typing habits make it hard for me to type the word compound. It always comes out as compund because I use my ring finger for both p and o.

South Jersey Shootout 0 15 Sep 2018

South Jersey Shootout is an awesome meet. Glad I got to see the team.

No Check Engine light 0 13 Sep 2018

My check engine light is off for the first time in years!!

Graphvis 0 12 Sep 2018

Spent a lot of time learning graphvis today. It's finally starting to pay off.

Fall is here 0 09 Sep 2018

Wow, it suddenly feels like fall is here. I guess I better get to a cross-country meet.

Survived RCon3 0 07 Sep 2018

RCon3 was an exciting tiring super fun whirlwind. Time to recover for a day and then get back to work.

RCon3 underway 0 04 Sep 2018

RCon3 is in full swing. Confident we can get a testnet working today

Schnitzel 0 02 Sep 2018

Had my first ever schnitzel today. And home-made no less. Delicious!

Travel to Berlin 0 01 Sep 2018

Starting my first of four legs to Berlin. Hope it all works out.

Beach house 0 30 Aug 2018

Going to see Julie's beach house before RCon3.

Pattern Matching 0 28 Aug 2018

Programming lesson #1: pattern matching is not the same as switch case.

Dapps 0 27 Aug 2018

Can't stop thinking about Dapps.

So much RNode 0 25 Aug 2018

I'm spending sooooo much time with the RNode software.

Rholang progress 0 23 Aug 2018

Making some real good progress writing rholang docs today! Especially with Julie's illustrations.

Mailvelope 0 22 Aug 2018

Mailvelope extension looks cool! PGP for webmail!

Linguine 0 21 Aug 2018

Making shrimp linguine for dinner. Can't wait!

Electron 0 19 Aug 2018

Finally started learning electron js. I like being a programmer!

Europe Trip 0 17 Aug 2018

Had an awesome Euro trip with Julie <3

Sore Butt 0 16 Aug 2018

Took my first bike ride since the attempted Alaska trip. My butt is so sore!

Happy Birthday Mom 0 14 Aug 2018

Happy Birthday Momma!

Food tour 0 08 Aug 2018

Food tour was soo great! Gonna go find our own breakfast tour now :)

First Blog 0 06 Aug 2018

Got my first rchain blog published. https://blog.rchain.coop/start_coding_in_rholang/

Goodbye bearcave 0 05 Aug 2018

Saying goodbye to the bear cave felt much more permanent this year. I guess it was. I had a great run at CTY

Carbon Cub 0 02 Aug 2018

First flights with the Carbon Cub were successful.

Wings 0 02 Aug 2018

I thought I used to eat like 16 or 18 wings for dinner. Twelve was all I took tonight.

Independance Day 0 31 Jul 2018

Happy Independence day Bitcoin Cash!

Inbox empty 0 31 Jul 2018

Woah, my inbox just hit empty! Party time! It's been months.

RCon3 0 30 Jul 2018

I've officially registered for RCon3. It's happening!

Night work 0 29 Jul 2018

Night is definitely the right time for me to get real work done.

Zoom time 0 27 Jul 2018

Been spending a lot of time on zoom. Might just find a quiet room to bang out some work.

Congrats Alina 0 27 Jul 2018

Congratulations on graduating, Alina!

Is this work? 0 25 Jul 2018

It's weird that going into work means doing the stuff I would have been doing anyway.

DNR Year 0 23 Jul 2018

This was my DNR year. I've officially completed the CTY lifecycle.

Julie's website 0 21 Jul 2018

Since I'm slacking off posting, maybe you'll like Julie's Europe blog

Second Session 0 19 Jul 2018

Second Session is really shaping up!

New session, New Joshy 0 15 Jul 2018

Actually played volleyball today. New session, new Joshy!

CODE Crossover 0 12 Jul 2018

Awesome crossover class with Cryptography!

Word processor 0 10 Jul 2018

Using a web-based word processor is weird because the server kinda gets to see the way you think as you draft and revise.

Julie Weekend 0 08 Jul 2018

Had an awesome weekend with Julie. She got the full CTY experience.

Caught Up 0 03 Jul 2018

Starting to feel caught up on rchain stuff.

Forgotten 0 02 Jul 2018

Thought if a great daily thought earlier. It was so good I knew I wouldn't forget it. But I did. Should have known!

Sharpie tattoo 0 01 Jul 2018

Sharpie tattoos aren't as permanent as one might expect.

Floss 0 26 Jun 2018

I wish floss came in clear cases so you could see it before buying.

Study Time 0 23 Jun 2018

Getting back in the flow of CTY. Setting good precedent by finding study time tonight.

Devices : People 0 20 Jun 2018

It used to be many people to one computer device (They were called mainframes). Now it's many devices per person.

CTY week 0 19 Jun 2018

It's finally cty week! Can't wait to get there!

Switch Browsers 0 15 Jun 2018

I'm actually considering switching web browsers for the first time since 2003.

Pretty Printing 0 15 Jun 2018

Hilarious quote from the Code Prettify readme.

"Prettifying obfuscated code is like putting lipstick on a pig — i.e. outside the scope of this tool."

Last Programming Assignment 0 12 Jun 2018

Finished the last programming assignment for Dan Boneh's Crypto 1 class. The end is near!

The Circle 0 11 Jun 2018

Movie Recommendation: The Circle

Illustrations 0 08 Jun 2018

Getting some awesome illustrations for my upcoming rholang tutorial.

Github 0 04 Jun 2018

OMG, Microsoft is buying github. I don't think I have the energy to extract all my data again. Let's get this infrastructure on rchain fast.

Mustang 0 03 Jun 2018

The mustang is starting to look airworthy! Working ailerons will make it actually be airworthy.

Confused Deputy Problem 0 01 Jun 2018

Tired of my information security posts? Perhaps Barney Fife is more your style?

Check out the Confused Deputy Problem.

Waterproof devices 0 31 May 2018

It's actually kind of amazing that phones aren't al reasonably waterproof. People know it rains like 20% of the time right?

Individual Authentication 0 29 May 2018

A Picturebook of Secure Cooperation on authentication:

Ask not, “who are you?”, but rather, “are you allowed?”. This was always the crucial question anyway; by asking this better question, we get a better answer.

Party weekend 0 28 May 2018

Had an awesome party weekend in Ohio.

Rholang 0 23 May 2018

Actually ran some rholang code today!

Console Style 0 22 May 2018

Today I learned that you can style JS console output. (link)

Dapp Developing 0 21 May 2018

Starting to develop some real Dapps.

School of rock 0 20 May 2018

School of rock on broadway is awesome!

Blockchain school 0 17 May 2018

Coming up with an idea for a blockchain-based education platform.

Back to Philly 0 15 May 2018

Made it back to Philly.

Happy Birthday and Mothers' Day 0 13 May 2018

Happy Birthday Sarah and Mothers' Day Mom

RotaryTalk 0 09 May 2018

Rotary talk, What is Cryptocurrency, went well. (video, slides)

Cuban pork sandwiches 0 08 May 2018

Mmmmmmm Cuban pork sandwiches.

philly bars 0 07 May 2018

Had a great time exploring Philly bars with Julie!

All sides 0 02 May 2018

Remember to hear all sides of the story. I had a fun read through r/Bitcoin and r/EthereumClassic (places I rarely visit)

Closes at 5!? 0 30 Apr 2018

Libraries and coffee shops close at 5:00!? When do people get shit done?

Pi Calculus 0 28 Apr 2018

Pi Calculus is cool!

Two video calls 0 27 Apr 2018

Two video calls today. One a successful collaborative learning group with rchain people. The other a failed interview because their proprietary software didn't support screen sharing on my standards compliant desktop OS.

City Life 0 25 Apr 2018

Living the city life. Where are all the grocery stores?

Back to the grind 0 23 Apr 2018

That was a fun week of travel and conference. Now back to the grind.

Drive 0 19 Apr 2018

Chipping away at the drive back east. (Thanks for the wifi Iowa)

Rchain Developers' conference 0 18 Apr 2018

Rchain developers' conference is excellent!

Happy Birthday TyTy! 0 13 Apr 2018

Happy Birthday TyTy!

Counter Dapp 0 11 Apr 2018

Officially wrote my first from-scratch ethereum dapp. It gives each user a their own uncensorable counter. #BabySteps

Happy Birthday Julie 0 10 Apr 2018

Happy Birthday Julie!

Happy Birthday Dad 0 08 Apr 2018

Happy Birthday Dad!

Rejected 0 06 Apr 2018

At first I was irritated that Maryland sent me a second letter of rejection. You know, like rubbing salt in it. But I guess that's better than the school's that didn't bother to answer at all.

Just the month!? 0 03 Apr 2018

I can't believe one can restore access to a Google account using only the month and year the account was created🤦

Happy Easter 0 01 Apr 2018

Happy Easter!

rchain developers retreat? 0 26 Mar 2018

Maybe the next step in my vision quest will be the rchain developers retreat?

Fit 0 25 Mar 2018

I want to be fit, and also not be hungry. I wish it didn't have to be one or the other.

Spam 0 22 Mar 2018

Man, spam stinks.

Florida 0 19 Mar 2018

Am I ever gonna be done with Florida?

Shake flashlight 0 16 Mar 2018

The bike phone holder isn't really compatible with the shake motion to turn the light on.

Tube a day 0 16 Mar 2018

I'm averaging one tube per day. I've more than doubled the number of tubes I used on my entire LA - Boston trip.

Reusable Zipties 0 14 Mar 2018

Reusable Zipties: Best invention ever

Conscience 0 12 Mar 2018

Darn conscience. I could've had a free camp site.

circus performer 0 11 Mar 2018

Saw an aaawwwweeesome street circus performer on Key West!

Florida 0 09 Mar 2018

Taking a few days of Florida vacation before starting the ride on Monday.

Checked in 0 07 Mar 2018

Checked in for my flight to Florida. Looks like this trip is really going down.

Menus 0 06 Mar 2018

Site menu on mobile should be fixed now.

New Emoji 0 05 Mar 2018


Discovered this new emoji, which is also a prolog program over at code golf. The writer described it as: this looks like a smiley, but I am not sure how to call it. The dot looks like saliva, so maybe "vegetative state", or "Infiurated programmer with curly hair"

src vs href 0 03 Mar 2018

Spent half an hour debugging why my CSS wasn't working. The <link> element uses href, not src. wtf?

Data Collection 0 01 Mar 2018

Collecting real world data is fun. Even if it's only about sump pump fillage.

Brakes rubbing 0 26 Feb 2018

Brakes rubbing the wheel are sooooo hard to fix.