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8 Minute Abs 0 26 Feb 2018

Been doing 8 minute abs again lately. Hopefully that six pack will be looking good after I burn off all the insulation.

Coursera 0 23 Feb 2018

Started the Coursera crypto 1 course. Currently trying to understand unpredictable pseudo random generators.

Taxes 0 22 Feb 2018

Hope you enjoyed filing your taxes as much as I did.

Fuck Twitter 0 20 Feb 2018

Here's a big 🖕 to twitter. A few months after creating an account, my account got locked for robot-like activity and they want a phone number to confirm I'm a real person. I thought twitter was different, but I guess they're in the PII business just like all the rest. #ShouldaKnownBetter

Heart shaped meatloaf 0 17 Feb 2018

Made my first heart-shaped meatloaf.

Also, made my first meatloaf.

prism 0 16 Feb 2018

I got invited to the prism closed beta!

Crypto Price 0 14 Feb 2018

Although I was thrilled to be making bank on the rising crypto price, the crash has reminded me of the main objective: widespread adoption

One month 0 12 Feb 2018

One month until the trip starts.

Key 0 11 Feb 2018

Remember the good ol' days when you just had to go to a hardware store to get a key copied?

Lucky mis-click 0 10 Feb 2018

Mis-click led to a 1ETH hand of blackjack (Pretty high stakes for me).
Turned out to be the dream hand (me:11, dealer shows: 6).
Basic strategy says to double down.
I did.

Balls of love 0 08 Feb 2018

Excellent new appetizer: balls of love

Good work Jarod

Training Camp 0 08 Feb 2018

Training camp has officially begun. This is like the camp fitch of the bike trip.

Bye New Jersey 0 06 Feb 2018

I officially no longer live in New Jersey!

Bubble Burst? 0 02 Feb 2018

Looks like the crypto bubble is bursting. I'm excited (and a little nervous) to see where we land.

Remote Node 0 29 Jan 2018

Didn't know Monero supported remote nodes until I had synced 95% of the blockchain.

Alarm Clock 0 28 Jan 2018

It's Sunday night, and yet I don't have to set an alarm for the foreseeable future.

AOC2016 0 23 Jan 2018

And now I've also completed all of Advent of Code 2016!! Hooray for unemployment!

AOC2017 0 23 Jan 2018

Successfully completed all of Advent of Code 2017 :)

Ordinals 0 22 Jan 2018

In math we talk about the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th items in a list. We also talk about the nth item.

So what comes after the nth item? The n+1th item, or the n+1st item?

On the road 0 21 Jan 2018

"Life is a lot simpler on the road" -Nate, 2010ish

Goodbye server 0 18 Jan 2018

Today I say farewell to the shared hosting account that I've had since roughly 2008. It hosted many projects and websites including this one. I learned a ton with it. I'll remember it fondly.

(I also say good riddance to hostmonster, the company that ran the server.)

First Kitty 0 16 Jan 2018

Bought my first crypto kitty.

BCH Koolaid 0 13 Jan 2018

I've officially drank the Koolaid. BCH is the real bitcoin.

Deja Vu 0 12 Jan 2018

It's alarming how frequently I want to post a daily thought only to realize I've already posted it months or years earlier. If that turns out to be the case for this one, my head might explode.

Jackson 0 10 Jan 2018

Taught myself to play Jackson by Craig Finn. Maybe I'm finally good at figuring out songs :)

BCH Convert 0 09 Jan 2018

I think I'm officially a BCH convert.

No strong feelings about investment yet, but politically, BTC seems hosed.

Back to school 0 07 Jan 2018

I guess school really is starting again tomorrow. I hate it when that happens.

Motivation 0 06 Jan 2018

Holy moly, I need to find some motivation to do some work.

Eyes on the prize 0 02 Jan 2018

The bike trip is now officially my primary focus.

Christmas Brew 0 25 Dec 2017

First ever Orndorff Christmas brew

Bitcoin cash 0 20 Dec 2017

Turns out I had 0.61 Bitcoin cash sitting on coinbase. Bonus!

Two speeds 0 15 Dec 2017

I basically have two operating speeds:
* Laying around being lazy doing nothing
* Brilliant ideas flowing so fast I can barely write them all down
No middle ground apparently.

defined? 0 14 Dec 2017

Worst part of JavaScript: "x is not defined" means something completely different than "x is undefined".

Too fat 0 12 Dec 2017

A sure sign you're getting fat is when it's hard to put your socks on.

Power button 0 11 Dec 2017

I set my computer aside so I wouldn't disturb it while it ran a compilation job. Set it right on the power button.

Don't roll your own crypto 0 10 Dec 2017

"Don't roll your own crypto"? Please roll your own crypto!

Read more in my blog post.

freqAnal 0 08 Dec 2017

Wrote a function to perform frequency analysis. Called it freqAnal. #FreakAnal

Holding $15k 0 08 Dec 2017

It's hard to not make every daily thought a bitcoin update lately.

After a crazy day, looks like we're holding $15k. #BigMoneyNoWhammy

Javascript 0 06 Dec 2017

Learning javascript was a great idea. I wonder if it will be my new goto language.

Cryptokitties 0 04 Dec 2017

I love cryptokitties for lots of reasons. They're cute, they might drive ethereum adoption, etc.

But my favorite reason is that they blur the line between trade-able assets and imaginary bullshit.

Cornell application submitted 0 03 Dec 2017

Cornell application submitted!

Predictions 0 02 Dec 2017

Two predictions about the information age:

  • ENS (or a similar decentralized system) will replace DNS (possibly with backward compatibility)
  • A truck transporting documents for outsourced shredding (eg. Iron Mountain) will be highway-robbed stage-coach style
Moved in 0 28 Nov 2017

First daily thought posted to my new upgraded server!

Work Email 0 26 Nov 2017

Good thanksgiving! I think I can wait one more day before checking my work email.

Password Manager 0 20 Nov 2017

I finally started using a password manager. So far, feels like a game changer.

$8000 0 19 Nov 2017

Bitcoin reached $8000. New all-time high. #8ktoday

Own Cloud 0 17 Nov 2017

Just rediscovered owncloud. I think all of my technological dreams might come true.

Back Screws 0 17 Nov 2017

Those are some gnarly screws that came out of your back grandpa! Good luck recovering.

Pez Load 0 15 Nov 2017

Loaded the pez without taking them out of the stack!!

Next goal: Take the picture with spilling them.

Updates Coming 0 13 Nov 2017

Expect updates to the website in the next few months. Hoping to give it a little new life.

State 2017 0 11 Nov 2017

Congrats PGXC. Going to meet of champions.

Last interims 0 10 Nov 2017

Wrote my last interim comments ever!

Rinkeby Faucet 0 07 Nov 2017

Rinkeby faucet seems like a good idea, except it further locks us into using the big 3 social media platforms. #decentralization ????

Dark fiber 0 06 Nov 2017

Phrase of the day: Dark Fiber

Fiber optic cables that were run for potential future use, but are not currently in use.

OMG no more GRE. 0 05 Nov 2017

OMG no more GRE.

Windsheild 0 03 Nov 2017

Finally cleaned the inside of my windshield for the first time in 2.5 years. I didn't realize it could get so dirty. Maybe I don't need driving glasses after all!

PEZZZZZZ 0 03 Nov 2017

Same thought process every time I fill a PEZ dispenser:

I'm going to do it this time. I won't drop them all over the floor. Off to a good start. Steady hands. Peel carefully. So far so good. Almost there. Damnit.

I don't think I know what PEZ taste like when they haven't hit the ground.

New Host Soon 0 01 Nov 2017

I'm cleaning up my server to switch to a new host. I'm so excited. I hope my sites will be snappy again. #hostmonstersucks

Sleep in 0 31 Oct 2017

I'm so happy I get to sleep in tomorrow. I wish it happened every day.

Math GRE Done 0 29 Oct 2017

Math GRE is #done.

JFK Files 0 27 Oct 2017

I guess government transparency is only realistic when enforcible. #????????????

jOShy 0 20 Oct 2017

I finally figured out the perfect name for my operating system: jOShy.

Now it's a simple matter of coding.

Leaf catching 0 20 Oct 2017

I'm a big fan of catching falling leaves, especially while running. But make sure to also watch where you're going... ????

Work clothes 0 17 Oct 2017

That feeling when you're almost ready for work, prepared to have a great day, and you realize... I can't wear jeans today, I have to dress up like a douchebag.

Best meet ever 1 13 Oct 2017

Best meet ever!

Tendinitis 0 10 Oct 2017

I guess it's time that I admit how bad my tendinitis has gotten and take a week off. #adulting

Bluetooth UX 1 08 Oct 2017

Just bluetoothed a photo from phone to computer. Amazing UX!!

Shore Coaches Champions 0 08 Oct 2017

Congratulations, ladies, on winning the Shore Coaches Invitational!

python imports 0 06 Oct 2017

Why is python's import system so broken and nonsensical!?

New starter 0 04 Oct 2017

It's so nice to start my truck with a key! This must be how people felt when electric starters were new.

New shoes 0 03 Oct 2017

First run in my new shoes felt great.

Social Engineering 0 02 Oct 2017

This video taught me a lot of math, but even more about social engineering. (Link starts near the end of the video.)

Poker 0 01 Oct 2017

First ever casino poker tournament payout!

Emails 0 28 Sep 2017

I guess closing my gmail account didn't really help much because 70% of my emails still go to gmail.

(I just made up 70% because it feels about right.)

Hill -> hill 0 26 Sep 2017

Why the h does my phone autocorrect hill to Hill? I realize Hill is a name, but hill is a common normal word.

Hardest part of studying 0 25 Sep 2017

The hardest part of studying is overcoming the relatively continuous frustration with not fully understanding content. Eye opening.

Desk height 0 23 Sep 2017

Desks are way too low. I'm average height and I always feel stooped. I want at least nipple height.

Short weeks 0 19 Sep 2017

Only two more classes this week! #parttimelife

User eXperience 0 17 Sep 2017

Sometimes people have a hard time understanding the concept of user experience (UX). So here's a non-programming example.

The beeper on my microwave continues to obnoxiously beep at me even after I open the door. That's bad UX.

Work Schedule 0 11 Sep 2017

My work schedule seems to be working pretty well.

Newark Academy Champs 0 10 Sep 2017

We won the Newark Academy Invitational!

Bowser diversity 0 07 Sep 2017

I'm grateful that it's no longer socially acceptable to say "This site only works in [such and such browser].

And I think it's cool that we have diversity and competition among browsers.

DuckDuckGo ads 0 05 Sep 2017

Notable strike against duck duck go today: They have ads that are not visually distinct from genuine search results.

Dream Journal 0 04 Sep 2017

When I sleep until I'm not tired anymore I remember way more dreams to write in my dream journal.

(Not that I need more justification to sleep until I'm not tired anymore.)

Open or Closed 0 03 Sep 2017 Ever forget whether parens are for open sets and brackets for closed, vice versa? Not any more.
Studying 0 03 Sep 2017

Finally made some headway in GRE studying. Mostly learned how much studying I have left to do.

Fresh Perspective 1 02 Sep 2017

New office, new home, new schedule. I hope this fresh perspective is a positive one.

Study time 0 31 Aug 2017

First week is over. Time to buckle down and study.

Jet lag 0 29 Aug 2017

Switching back to a school schedule feels like moving across time zones. The jet lag makes me fall asleep.

Starts tomorrow 0 28 Aug 2017

Third session is over. It all starts again tomorrow. ????

Not homeless 0 23 Aug 2017

Horray! I'm not homeless afterall!

Wrong password 0 18 Aug 2017

I wonder how disastrous it is, in practice, when I accidentally try to authenticate to one service with the password that I use for another service.

Example: I accidentally type my github password into instagram. Do the good people at insta log that, and would they ever attempt to compromise my github account?

Toothpaste 0 18 Aug 2017

Effort is like toothpaste: You can always squeeze a little more out.

Gas pumps 0 16 Aug 2017

I'm always bummed when the locking mechanism on the gas pump is removed. But I guess it's better than being prohibited from pumping my own at all.

Happy birthday Mom! 0 14 Aug 2017

Happy birthday Mom!

Net neutrality 0 10 Aug 2017

Net neutrality is important. Probably critically so. But laws are only a band aid fix. Let's solve this right.

Back in ohio 0 09 Aug 2017

Back in Ohio for a little while. #thirdsession

Climbing 0 08 Aug 2017

Excellent rock climbing today. Third session is off to a good start.

Birthday 0 05 Aug 2017

Thanks for an amazing birthday everyone!

Eval deadline 0 02 Aug 2017

Totally missed my eval deadline. #rookiemistake